Advantages And Characteristics Of PVC Membrane Cloth


The traditional building materials are generally stone, sand, brick, wood, and other materials. The air film of new building materials is widely used in many fields in modern buildings. High-quality new buildings. The common membrane materials for air membrane buildings are PVC materials. According to different coatings, PVC materials are divided into PVF, TIO2, and PVDF.

Features of PVC membrane cloth:

1. The strength and fire resistance of PVC membrane materials have a certain gap compared with PTFE, and the service life of PVC membrane materials is generally 7 to 15 years. In order to solve the self-cleaning problem of PVC membrane materials, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride acetic acid resin) is usually coated on the PVC coating, which is called PVDF membrane material.

2. Another PVC film material coated with Tio2 (titanium dioxide), has high self-cleaning properties. The surface layer of the PVC film material should have stable anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet erosion capabilities during the shelf life, and the surface has self-junction properties.

3. After the PVC film material reaches the melting point in the fire environment, a melting hole will appear, and the boundary of the melting hole will burn and spread, but no open fire will be generated. According to my country's GB8624 "Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials", it is designated as B1 grade flame retardant material.

4. The color, light reflection, and transmittance of PVC film material should meet the requirements of the following table

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