PVC Coated Polyester Fabric for Boat Manufacturers

Basic Info.: 

Gram Weight



100% Polyester yarn with PVC Coating


PVC Coated Polyester Fabric








Matte, Semi Matte




28*26 30*30


1000D*1000D 1300D*1300D

Flame Retardant

M1; M2; B1

Special requirement

Anti-UV, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static, Anti-Scratch


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Lead Time

20-35 Working Days


The products are widely used in inflatable cushions, inflatable boats, kayaks, etc. The product has high tear and peel strength, and the weft deviation is generally about 1.5 cm. It also has the characteristics of waterproof, yellowing resistance, strong composite fastness, cold resistance, antibacterial and UV resistance.

Product Features:

1. Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength.

2. High air-tightness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

3. Flame retardant, anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

4. Anti-UV, oxidation resistance, high temperature and cold resistance,  durable.



Zhejiang Xinria Textile Material Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Zhejiang Xinria Textile Material Co., Ltd. is professional China Airtight Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins manufacturers and Wholesale Inflatable Boat PVC Coated Fabric factory. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of PVC coated fabrics, PVC mesh fabrics, TPU mesh fabrics, mesh fabrics, and architectural membranes. The company is located in Haining Qianjiang Industrial Park. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-quality architectural membranes and coated fabrics.

Our company's PVC Coated Polyester Fabric for Boat have been widely used in large public facilities: park landscape architecture, parking sheds, inflatable membrane structures, large stadiums, airport facilities and other architectural fields. Advanced technology in the field of European membrane materials, the products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of excellence and continuous innovation, relying on advanced equipment and technology, and forward-looking scientific research spirit to PVC Coated Polyester Fabric for Boat high-quality products. Cooperate with new and old customers to win-win and create a better future.


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Industry knowledge

The Importance of Airtight Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins Fabrics
Airtight inflatable boat tarpaulin fabrics play a crucial role in the performance and safety of inflatable boats. Here are some reasons highlighting the importance of airtight tarpaulin fabrics for inflatable boats:
    Air Retention: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics are designed to maintain a high level of airtightness. The fabric acts as a barrier to prevent air leakage from the inflatable boat chambers. This is essential for maintaining the boat's buoyancy and structural integrity. Without airtight fabric, the boat would gradually lose air, leading to reduced stability, compromised performance, and potential safety hazards.
    Structural Support: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics provide structural support to inflatable boats. They help maintain the boat's shape and rigidity when inflated. The fabric acts as a tension member, distributing the air pressure evenly throughout the boat's chambers. This structural support is crucial for ensuring the boat's stability, maneuverability, and resistance to deformation under varying water conditions.
    Water Resistance: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics are typically designed to be waterproof or highly water-resistant. This is important for keeping the inflatable boat dry and preventing water ingress into the chambers. Water resistance helps to maintain the boat's buoyancy, prevent waterlogging, and enhance the overall durability of the boat.
    Durability and Tear Resistance: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics are engineered to be highly durable and resistant to tearing and abrasion. Inflatable boats often encounter rough conditions, including rocks, sharp objects, and friction against the water surface. The durable fabric helps protect the boat from punctures and tears, ensuring its longevity and minimizing the risk of air leakage or sudden deflation.
    UV Resistance: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics are often treated or coated with UV-resistant materials. This protects the fabric from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. UV resistance prevents color fading, material degradation, and loss of strength caused by UV rays. It helps maintain the fabric's performance and extends the lifespan of the inflatable boat.
    Ease of Maintenance: Airtight tarpaulin fabrics are generally easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down, rinsed, or washed with mild soap and water. This facilitates routine maintenance and ensures that the fabric remains in optimal condition for continued airtightness and performance.
    Safety and Reliability: The airtight nature of tarpaulin fabrics in inflatable boats is essential for safety and reliability. A reliable airtight fabric minimizes the risk of sudden deflation or loss of buoyancy, which could lead to accidents or emergencies on the water. By ensuring a tight seal, the fabric contributes to a secure and trustworthy inflatable boat experience.