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Basic Info.: 

Gram Weight



100% Polyester yarn with PVC Coating


PVC Coated Polyester Fabric








Glossy, semi glossy, matte, semi matte




18*17 20*20 23*23 30*30


500d*500d 1000d*1000d 1300d*1500d

Flame Retardant

M1; M2; B1

Special requirement

Anti-UV, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static, anti-scratch


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Lead Time

20-35 Working Days


PVC tarpaulin is widely used in transportation vehicles. Such as lorry truck canopy, van truck side curtain, special canopy for a railway freight container, special canopy for pickup, etc. The product has the characteristics of waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, mildew resistance, folding resistance, and anti-peeling characteristics; the tensile strength is above 3000N, and the tear strength is above 250N. The product can also be used in a low-temperature environment of -40°C.

Product Features:

1. Laminated technology & Hot-melt Coating & Knife coating technology.

2. Excellent weldability, very durable coating.

3. Flame retardant character (optional), M1; M2; B1.

4. Temperature resistance: -40-70℃.

5. Cold Crack Resistance, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static treatment, Waterproof.

6. Strong tear resistance and peeling.

7. Anti ultraviolet treatment (UV). (optional).

8. Acrylic treatment. (optional).


Zhejiang Xinria Textile Material Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Zhejiang Xinria Textile Material Co., Ltd. is professional China Truck Tarps manufacturers and Wholesale Truck Tarps factory. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of PVC coated fabrics, PVC mesh fabrics, TPU mesh fabrics, mesh fabrics, and architectural membranes. The company is located in Haining Qianjiang Industrial Park. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-quality architectural membranes and coated fabrics.

Our company's Truck Tarps have been widely used in large public facilities: park landscape architecture, parking sheds, inflatable membrane structures, large stadiums, airport facilities and other architectural fields. Advanced technology in the field of European membrane materials, the products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of excellence and continuous innovation, relying on advanced equipment and technology, and forward-looking scientific research spirit to Truck Tarps high-quality products. Cooperate with new and old customers to win-win and create a better future.


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Industry knowledge

How to Choose Truck Tarps
Choosing the right truck tarp is crucial for protecting your cargo during transportation. Here are some factors to consider when selecting truck tarps:
    Material: There are various materials used for truck tarps, each with its own advantages and suitability for specific applications. Common materials include vinyl, polyester, mesh, and canvas.
    Vinyl: Vinyl tarps are durable, waterproof, and resistant to UV rays. They provide excellent protection against weather conditions and are suitable for general-purpose cargo transportation.
    Polyester: Polyester tarps are lightweight, tear-resistant, and have good UV resistance. They are ideal for covering loads that require breathability and protection from the elements.
    Mesh: Mesh tarps are made of woven synthetic fibers, allowing air circulation while providing shade and debris containment. They are commonly used for hauling bulk materials such as gravel or sand.
    Canvas: Canvas tarps are durable, breathable, and resistant to abrasion. They are suitable for covering loads that require moisture resistance and protection against mildew or mold.
Consider the specific requirements of your cargo and select a material that offers the necessary protection and durability.
    Size and Dimensions: Measure the dimensions of your truck bed or cargo area to determine the appropriate size of the tarp needed. Ensure that the tarp is large enough to cover the entire cargo securely. It's better to choose a slightly larger tarp than one that is too small.
    Fastening Mechanism: Consider the type of fastening mechanism that will be most convenient for your needs. Common options include grommets, D-rings, bungee cords, or straps. Choose a tarp that has a suitable fastening system and ensure it will securely hold the tarp in place during transportation.
    Weather Resistance: Depending on the climate and weather conditions you will encounter during transportation, consider the tarp's ability to resist rain, wind, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Look for features such as waterproofing, UV resistance, and reinforced edges to ensure adequate protection for your cargo.
    Load Type: Determine the type of cargo you will be transporting. If you have specific requirements such as hazardous material containment, odor control, or compliance with industry regulations, choose a tarp that meets those specifications.
    Ease of Use and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installing, removing, and maintaining the tarp. Look for features like reinforced corners, easy-to-use fasteners, and a tarp that can be cleaned and maintained without excessive effort.
    Budget: Set a budget for your truck tarp, keeping in mind that higher-quality materials and additional features may increase the price. Balance your budget with the desired level of protection and durability required for your cargo.
    Legal Compliance: Ensure that the truck tarp you choose complies with local regulations and safety standards for load securement. Certain industries or regions may have specific requirements for tarps used in cargo transportation.