Classification And Application Of Mesh Fabric


Mesh cloth is often seen in daily life, such as summer sportswear, bride's wedding dress and other clothes will often use mesh cloth. But did you know that different types of mesh fabrics have different uses? This article mainly introduces the classification and use of mesh cloth.

Mesh fabrics that seem to be the same are actually classified. Different types have different functions. Only by understanding the properties of various mesh fabrics can we make better use of them. The following will focus on introducing the classification of mesh cloth and which aspects each type of mesh cloth is suitable for.

Mesh cloth classification and application introduction
As the name suggests, mesh cloth refers to a fabric composed of small holes in the shape of a mesh. The types of mesh fabrics woven are different depending on the equipment, which can be mainly divided into knitted mesh fabrics and woven mesh fabrics.

The so-called woven mesh fabric weaving method includes two types, one is the shed formed after the ground diameter and the twisted warp are twisted each other, and then interweaved with the weft yarn to form the mesh fabric. The other is the small-hole fabric produced by the jacquard weave and the change of the reading method. White weaving, yarn-dyed weaving, jacquard. The woven mesh fabric has a variety of patterns and is very breathable. This kind of mesh cloth is more suitable for making summer breathable clothes, mosquito nets, curtains, etc.

Knitted mesh fabrics mainly include weft knitting and warp knitting. Warp-knitted mesh fabrics are generally woven by West German high-speed warp-knitting machines. and other types.

Different types of mesh fabrics have different prices.
The price of a single-layer sandwich mesh fabric with a width of 1.6m is 11 yuan per meter. This kind of mesh fabric can be used in clothing, shoes, and seat covers; This kind of mesh cloth is mostly used as car seat cover fabric and shoe fabric; the price of mesh cloth with a width of 1.3 is 2.3 yuan/meter, and this kind of mesh cloth can be used to make high-end mosquito nets or inner linings of clothing and skirts, dolls Decoration, gauze skirts, etc.; straight sandwich mesh fabric is generally used as clothing fabrics, straight and stylish, rich in color, especially suitable for ladies skirts, the price is 56 yuan/meter; the price of double-sided small hexagonal mesh fabric is 20 yuan per meter , can be used as wedding dress fabric or high-end dress fabric.

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