Classification And Characteristics Of Mesh Fabric


The mesh size and mesh depth of the mesh fabric can be woven by adjusting the organization mode of the knitting machine as required. Generally, there are rhombi, triangles, hexagons, cylinders, squares, squares, and so on. At present, the materials used in weaving nets are usually chemical fibers such as polyester and nylon, which have the characteristics of high strength, lightweight, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and good hygroscopicity.

The mesh fabric has good air permeability, and the cloth body is porous and elastic. After dyeing, the cloth body is quite cool. In addition to summer clothes, it is especially suitable for making curtains, mosquito nets, and other supplies. The net-like chain pattern is woven on a warp knitting machine and has been pre-shrunk, specially dyed, and finely finished so that it has unique advantages such as a strong three-dimensional effect, free stretching, and outstanding style.

The principle of mesh effect: the hanging arc in the single-needle single-row collective coil of the interweaving equipment is not closed and tries to straighten, and part of the yarn segment is conveyed into the connected coil, making the coil larger and rounder, thus forming interweaving in the disharmony of the fabric Spread honeycomb mesh (non-through hole), this is the effective surface.

The tuck mesh adopts single-needle double-row or single-needle multi-row tuck to form an uneven mesh. The more pendants in the circle, the more pronounced the height effect and the larger the mesh. Single-bead mesh double-bead fabric: Due to two continuous loops, the uncoordinated honeycomb mesh is more obvious than single-bead fabric, and the thickness and width of the fabric are also increased.

Bead-changing mesh: On the basis of single-needle and single-row tuck, alternately add plain stitches, and the effect of mesh with uncoordinated fabrics is not as good as that of double-bead fabrics. After needle selection, some needles with large open loops will not insert the yarn in a specific loop-forming system, but they will usually drop the loops. Some parts of the fabric cause the suspension of the longitudinal coils, and the curling performance of the fabric has a larger mesh at the suspension of the longitudinal coils, which is related to the number of coils that have fallen off successively.

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