Does The Air Pressure In The Air Film Gymnasium Affect People?


As the advantages of inflatable membrane structures are known to more and more people, air membrane buildings have developed rapidly in the field of the sports industry, and various air membrane sports venues have emerged, such as air membrane complex halls, air membrane swimming pools, Air film basketball hall, air film tennis hall, etc. Have you ever experienced a dome gymnasium? Will the air pressure in the inflatable gymnasium affect the human body?

The experiences have different comments on the air dome gymnasium - some are amazed by its unique shape; some appreciate its equipment and equipment; some are satisfied with its comfortable and clean indoor environment; Due to the slight discomfort caused by the change of air pressure, I am worried about the impact of the air dome pavilion on the human body.

Does the air pressure in the air dome hall really affect the human body? Don't worry, the editor will reveal it for you!

The core technology of the dome pavilion is to realize the formation and stability of the air dome structure through the indoor and outdoor air pressure difference. Usually, the air pressure difference between the inside and outside is kept at about 200 Pa, which can be compared to the air pressure change between the low floor and the high floor. If you climb the stairs slowly, you can hardly feel the change in air pressure, but if you take a high-speed elevator up and down the stairs, you can clearly feel the difference in air pressure between the concave and convex floors.

The same is true for the short time people feel when entering the air dome hall, because entering the air dome hall happens in an instant, so the difference in air pressure is more obvious. But it only takes a few minutes for the human body to adapt to the pressure in the air-film gymnasium, and the discomfort will dissipate accordingly. Therefore, the air pressure in the air dome hall has no other influence on the human body.

The air film gymnasium is equipped with a complete intelligent system, in addition to the fan pressure control system, it also includes a ventilation system, a heating and cooling system, an emergency system, etc. These devices can create a comfortable and constant temperature indoor environment with low energy consumption, effectively block the direct communication of air inside and outside the air film, and maintain air circulation to provide an oxygen-enriched environment. Therefore, it is more convenient to exercise in such an air film hall. Good for people's health.

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