How To Extend The Service Life Of Inflatable Tents


How to prolong the service life of inflatable tents? Although most inflatable tents use excellent quality Oxford cloth or PVC coated fabric, if they are not built, maintained and maintained in the correct way, their quality and safety will also be affected. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the corresponding maintenance when using inflatable tents with assured quality. Let's take a look at how to extend the service life of the inflatable tent.

1. Avoid damage to the tent

In order to effectively prolong the service life of the inflatable tent, it is necessary not only to install it correctly according to the requirements in the manual but also to avoid damage to the tent due to various human or external forces. Therefore, when using it, try to avoid putting sharp objects in the tent to avoid accident Scratching the tent will affect its use effect and service life.

2. Take relevant protection when using

When using an inflatable tent, if the local wind force is predicted to exceed level 8 or above, the tent should be removed in advance to avoid damage to the tent by strong winds. If the place where it is used is relatively humid, it should be dried first after use to ensure that the tarpaulin is completely dry before storing it to avoid coloring and mildew of the tent.

3. Use the tool to collect the parts

Inflatable tents have many parts and are indispensable. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the tent, the tent should be disassembled in time after use and all the spare parts should be collected for reuse.

Although the tent is only a temporary residence, if it is not properly maintained and maintained, its service life will be shortened. Therefore, when you use a trustworthy inflatable tent, you must follow the correct method to build, fold and store it, and take measures in the process of using it that has been stored to extend the service life of the inflatable tent.

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