Safety And Sculpture Of PVC Membrane Cloth Material


The characteristics and safety of PVC membrane cloth materials: the light tensile membrane structure designed according to the existing national regulations and guidelines has sufficient safety. Lightweight structures can maintain good stability under horizontal loads such as earthquakes. Due to the light weight of the light structure, even if an accidental collapse occurs, its danger is less than that of the traditional building structure.

When the membrane structure is torn, if the structural arrangement can ensure that rigid supporting members such as masts and beams do not collapse, the danger will be smaller. The flexibility of the membrane structure allows it to bear the most favorable shape under any load. Of course, the arrangement and shape of the structure should be designed and adjusted according to the load situation. The design must ensure that the membrane surface and its auxiliary structure work in harmony, so as to avoid the force from concentrating on the membrane surface or the auxiliary structure and reaching the critical value of structural damage.

Sculptural sense: The unique curved shape of the tensioned membrane structure gives it a strong sense of sculpture. The membrane surface achieves self-balance through tension. The balance of the ups and downs of the negative Gaussian membrane surface makes the larger structure seem to float lightly between the sky and the earth as if it has escaped the shackles of gravity.

This sculptural quality is exciting both indoors and out. The light at night makes the membrane structure a strong sense of sculpture. The tensioned membrane structure allows architects to design various self-balancing, complex,  and vivid spatial forms. As the light changes throughout the day, the sculptural membrane structure takes on different forms through light and shadow. At sunrise and sunset, the light at low incident angles will accentuate the curvature and relief of the roof, and when the sun is at apogee, the streamlined boundaries of the membrane structure cast sinuous shadows on the ground. This is the most basic characteristic of PVC film material.

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