What Are Some Popular Air Film Buildings That You Know?


The development of air-film buildings has provided many industry solutions, such as air-film coal sheds, air-film gymnasiums, air-film storage, air-film parks, etc. The use of air-film buildings has many advantages. Below, Zhanji Xiaobian will introduce you to those attractive air-film buildings?

Famous buildings with inflatable membrane structures include National Swimming Center Water Cube, Dalian Sports Center, Shanghai Disneyland inflatable membrane canopy, Tianjie in Suzhou Industrial Park, Inner Mongolia Khan Court designed and constructed by Hubei Liangshengtai Air Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. Cultural Park Air Dome Hall and so on.

Air film building is a new type of building material, which is made of film and is the sixth building material recognized among many building materials - air film. The main material of the air film is film cloth or textile with different coatings, such as PVDF, PTFE, or PVF. This architectural textile is stable in form, so it has many advantages and advantages.

From the beginning of the design, the air film building has taken into account a lot of bad weather, even the pre-design of natural disasters, so it has more advantages than ordinary traditional buildings in resisting bad weather. Due to the self-cleaning characteristics of the air film, it is easy to maintain. Basically, no maintenance is required, as long as regular inspections are required.

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